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Brave Space Forum: Consent in Quarantine & Pod Politics

Community Care & COVID, Spring 2021 Brave Space Forums

Thursday, April 22 - Canceled

Take a deep dive into intersectional feminist topics with the Women’s Center's Brave Space Forums!

This year, our Brave Space Forums are an examination of the ways in which COVID has impacted our social spheres. For our spring semester we will focus in on the concept of "community care" and how it has helped many of us survive this pandemic.

April Topic: Consent in Quarantine & Pod Politics
A vaccine for COVID-19 meant, for many of us, a light at the end of this long, arduous pandemic tunnel--but we're not there yet. And in spite of the continual rollout of vaccines throughout the U.S., the nation continues to see upward trends in COVID cases. Why is this? And when will this situation come to a close? We're with you in worrying about the unknowns... but we also know that this pandemic has made clear that we need to adopt a culture of consent. Whether consent around negotiating physical boundaries in friendships like maintaining 6 feet of distance from a person during a get together or by discussing what protocol to move through if one of your roommates returns to work... and raises their risk of exposure. All of these unique situations have underlined the need to maintain honest, open communication that is centered on acquiring clear consent for things we might have taken for granted previously. For many of us, this is new territory--but for some, especially folks in the disabled community, this work is old hat and there are still lessons for non-disabled folks to learn. For our last Brave Space Forum of the year, we are going to investigate how COVID has brought a whole new light to consent culture AND how the disabled community can teach us much about moving forward responsibly and compassionately.

We will be meeting via Google Meets. The link to this event can be accessed in the event information above.

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