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Returning Women Students Event: Naming Our Priorities

For undergraduate women over the age of 25

Wednesday, September 20, 2017
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
The Commons : Women's Center

Calling all women adult learners at UMBC! If you're 25 years and older and working towards your first undergraduate degree this event is for you!

The first few weeks of classes are underway and perhaps the pressure to juggle it all is building up... which is exactly why we scheduled this event for you. 

This will be an open discussion for returning women students to discuss the struggles and guilt related to time management. Do I go to my child's soccer game or read that 50-page article for class tomorrow? How do I convey to my family and friends that I need to be away from them so I can study? How do I communicate to my professor that my family's needs may take priority over a class on occasion? Join the Women's Center staff and other other returning women students to discuss your barriers and successes in navigating the nuances of time management that extend beyond simply putting everything you need to do in your day planner.  

But speaking of day planner! Following the discussion, Women's Center staff will provide a brief overview on goal setting and semester planning. Supplies will be provided for participants to make their own mini bullet journals or vision boards for the semester. 
This is a FREE workshop you won't want to miss! 
If you plan on coming, please let us know so we can make sure we have enough journal supplies by RSVPing below. 

f you want to attend but cannot make it to campus, we have the option for your to join via ViewMe - an online meeting room. For more information on how to join us via the web, contact Jess at 

The Women's Center is located n the ground floor of The Commons - by the Yum Shop.