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Permission to Feel: Faculty/Staff Summer Care Series

Naming and Giving Space for Our Feelings (Discussion 2 of 4)

Thursday, July 9, 2020
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
We have collectively hit weary -  some of us have been there for a long time. The need for community and the need for care is (and has been) palpable.We see you. We believe you. You matter. We want to come together with you and for you in all the ways you’re showing up right now. 

In order to do this, the Women’s Center is providing care space this summer for faculty and staff to be in community together as we continue remote work, distance learning, and navigating the ever-evolving context in which our lives go on. We invite faculty and staff interested in coming together to explore various topics like grief + loss, empathy, wholeness, and showing up for others and how these experiences intersect with the necessary physical isolation of working and living through a pandemic. This care space will also be intentional in holding space to explore the ways in which these topics intersect and inform our experiences with the movement for racial justice, healing, and accountability. 

The second discussion in our 4-part series will explore all the feelings (!!!), or rather, we'll unpack both the challenges and opportunities that come with identifying and naming our feelings with the intention of giving ourselves permission to feel them. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with this topic in both large and small group discussions by sharing personal experiences and brainstorming strategies to add to their emotional intelligence toolkit.

Note,  while not required, participants may be asked to read an article or listen to a video/podcast prior to the discussion which will serve as the foundation to our discussion. This information will be emailed to participants at a later date. 

To RSVP, please click the "Going" button below AND complete the pre-discussion survey to rank your first and second choice breakout groups. In order to participate, please be sure to complete this google form no later than Tuesday, July 7th. Only those who have completed the form, will receive the webex link to join the discussion slated for July 9th.

For more information about the Faculty + Staff Summer Care Series, visit our myUMBC post. Please note that you do not need to attend all 4 discussions in order to participate. 

The other 2 discussion sessions will be posted soon and will meet on July 21st and August 5th. If our first discussion hasn't passed, please also consider attending session 1 (Lost and Found) on June 30th.