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UMBC Women's Center Seeks Interns- Apply Today

On Campus Internship for those Interested in Women's Issues

Interested in women’s issues, social justice, and working to affect community and campus-wide change? Consider joining the Women's Center staff as an intern for a unique personal and professional development opportunity right here on campus. 


Please e-mail a resume and cover letter to Jess Myers, the Women’s Center Acting Director at jess.myers@umbc.edu

Students completing internships at the Women’s Center work an average of 8 hours per week during the academic semester. The spring 2012 internship will begin in January and go through May.

Women's Center interns are an integral part of
the Women's Center staff, contributing to the Center’s mission of “assisting all women in achieving their full potential in education, career and personal life through academic and intellectual growth, professional development and personal empowerment.”

This internship may look differently from year to year depending on the intern involved because the Women’s Center strives to maximize on the current intern’s interests and strengths. While we are able to offer some flexibility, all interested intern applicants should work within the parameters of the description below:

UMBC Women’s Center Programming, Outreach & Activism


Organize a program or
series on a topic affecting women and/or marginalized groups. Potential programs can be flexible to meet your interests and your academic program’s needs.

    • Some ideas include: Women’s
      physical/mental health; Sexual education; LGBTQ issues; International women’s
      issues; Leadership development; Body image; Sex-trafficking; Feminization
      of poverty; Intersectionality; Media portrayals of women and girls.

In addition to a program
of interest, interns will be responsible for helping the Women’s Center staff
with programming related to 1) Sexual Assault Awareness Month (April) and 2) the Center’s 20th Anniversary Celebration. Related responsibilities
include but are not limited to:

    • Sexual Assault Awareness
      Month: helping to manage the Clothesline Project; organizing partnership
      with other universities for Take Back the Night options;
    • Women’s Center 20th Anniversary Spring Events: promoting Anniversary events; aiding in
      organization of previously planned 20th Anniversary events

Outreach & Activism:

Update and add resources in the Women’s Center library and help manage/update the website

Generate fundraising and/or sponsorship ideas by working to partner with local and national organizations that may support the Women Center’s mission.

Write for the Women’s Center Newsletter about various topics and/or organize a group of interested students to create a feminist Zine on campus

Create ways to connect with non-traditional audiences about Women’s Center programs and services (e.g., Athletes, Greek Life, religious organizations, International Programs, Residence Life, etc.)

The Women’s Center is always looking for creative and inventive people to make a difference at UMBC.  

Posted: November 8, 2011, 12:26 PM